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Terms and Conditions

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

If only everything in life came with a guarantee like this.

All for KIDZ®’s all about encouraging kids. That’s why we guarantee 100% satisfaction!

If you have a product problem, return the item to your school if the sale is still going on (Please note: The sale is typically held in the five days following your assembly). Defective items will be replaced by new product at no charge.

If the sale at your school is over, simply contact our Customer Care department. Give us your mailing address, the colour and item name and we will replace any previously purchased item that has a defect free of charge. Did we mention that we’ll ship it to you for free? We’re serious about your satisfaction!

Although The NED Show is only at your child’s school for one day, our Customer Care is available year round to provide product support, answer product questions and offer free, downloadable resources for parents and teachers.

Whether you purchased your items from your school sale or from our online store, please contact Customer Care directly.

Refunds may be given at the discretion of company. Guarantee is subject to normal wear and tear from regular use.

Product Safety Testing

The US Consumer Product Safety Commission requires all children’s products to meet stringent safety standards for the amount of lead, phthalates, and phthalate esters (plastic additives that add durability and flexibility to plastics) content. The Commission requires self-regulation of imported children’s products through the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA).

To ensure the absolute safety of all of our products, All for KIDZ mandates a stricter policy of CPSIA testing than what is required by government. We conduct CPSIA testing on all new products we introduce as well as all component, facility, or material changes. All of our CPSIA testing is accomplished through accredited entities approved by US Consumer Product Safety Commission (Click here for a list of the accredited entities).